Whole Body Meditations w/ Elemental Sound

July 20th, 2019  Saturday 3-5pm                                More Information

@ You and The Mat         RSVP Recommended
A brief introduction of the five senses- smell, taste, sight, touch, sound. A period of gentle movement will lead you into a guided meditation practice exploring the five senses and how the outer environment can shape our inner sensations. A Tama-do (“way of the soul”) Sound Harmonization, to harmonize the subtle energy fields with acoustic and elemental sounds, in accordance with the resonance of the Five Elements will accompany the meditation practice.

Yoga interweaves 

wholistic healing and self-inquiry practices such as - restorative postures, gentle stretching, breath work and meditation. A safe space to be with the body, breath and mind. From this ground of being one may experience deep relaxation and a renewed sense of well-being. 

Mission San Luis Rey Retreat

August 1-5 (2 night & 4 night options)                                    More Information

@ San Luis Mission Rey, Oceanside, California
Sacred Earth Retreats is a collaboration between soul sisters Denie Shae Martinez and Rachelle Atkinson. Both steeped in the iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation lineage, cultivating a deep connection with self and Being is at the root of Sacred Earth Retreats. Join us in this shared space of Being. Yoga, meditation, sensory practices, nature walks, reflection time with lodging and meals.

A wholistic compliment to allopathic and other medical care treatments. 

Bodywork & LIGHT TOUCH

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor I educate clients on how to live in harmony with their environment according to the principles of Ayurveda. The goal is to help others in creating an optimal environment within their body for healing to take place.  Through the use of lifestyle and sensory therapies wellness and longevity can be achieved.



yoga & Irest Yoga Nidra meditation


Fluid, intuitive and strongly rooted in eastern therapies. Specializing in Ayurvedic, Japanese and Chinese bodywork, the intention is balancing life force energy known as prana, qi, or chi. The nurturing qualities of Abhyanga and Zen Touch Shiatsu with the focused intention of Acupressure and various energy modalities create a harmonious session.

“the essential wholistic healing experience rooted in timeless wisdom”

Ayurvedic Health & Wellness

Aromatic botanicals have been used across civilizations for centuries. We are 

supported and nourished by a naturally rich apothecary. It is my intention to offer the purest, most genuine and authentic handcrafted, therapeutic aromatic products and offerings.

What we put on our body is equally as important as what we put in our body. 

Genuine and Authentic Aromatics for Health and Wellness.
Free of Alcohol, Natural and Unnatural Additives.

Always Organic, Mindfully 
Harvested and Handcrafted 
with Love.

Yoga Nidra Recording- FREE Download

5 Senses Restored    15 minutes

Enjoy this complementary yoga nidra practice that invites you into the present moment through the senses, body and breath.

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