Simple Listening Meditation

Enjoy this Simple Listening Meditation that invites you to connect to a feeling of comfort and support, body & breath sensing in service to calm anxieties and stress and a short period of reflection.

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Aromatic botanicals have been used across civilizations for centuries. 

We are supported and nourished by a naturally rich apothecary. 

It is my intention to offer the purest, most genuine and authentic handcrafted, therapeutic aromatic products and offerings.

Quality Matters

What we put ON our body is equally as important as

what we put IN our body. 

Genuine and Authentic Aromatics for Health and Wellness.
Free of Alcohol, Natural and Unnatural Additives.

Always Organic, Mindfully 
Harvested and Handcrafted with Love.

A wholistic compliment to allopathic and other medical care treatments. 


Yoga interweaves wholistic healing and self-inquiry practices to aid us in a deep unconditional LISTENING.. iRest Yoga Nidra and meditation create a safe space to be with the body, mind and heart. From this ground of being one may experience deep relaxation and a renewed sense of well-being. 




APRIL 2023

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor I educate clients on how to live in harmony with their environment according to the principles of Ayurveda. The goal is to create an optimal environment for their body for healing to take place. Through the use of lifestyle and sensory therapies wellness and longevity can be achieved.

Enjoy my new virtual studio from the comfort of your home (or wherever you). There are a few pays to listen and donate. New content will be shared weekly that is inspired by Yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra and our deep connection to Nature and Aromatic Medicinal Plants.



Monday Meditation & iRest Yoga Nidra 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24 @ 6:00 - 6:45pm pst
Thursday MMM Move - Massage - Meditate 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27 @ 10:00 - 11:00am pst 

Meditation & iRest Yoga Nidra
Show up as you are and experience the meditative heart of yoga- Yoga Nidra. Discover how slowing down and waking into the body and mind can lead to a sense of ground, deep peace, and higher levels of awareness. Research shows iRest Yoga Nidra meditation practices will reduce muscle tension, high blood pressure, stress levels (cortisol), anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, chronic pain and fatigue, dis-comfort and dis-ease associated with life all the while promoting resiliency, gratitude, joy and ease of being.

MMM Move - Massage - Meditate
Gentle movement and therapeutic stretching and strengthening with a meditative mind can do wonders for the body, mind and heart. In this weekly class we will explore various techniques and practices from Ayurveda, Yoga and Massage.
*Props suggested to have on hand- bolster, blocks, a blanket or 2, strap, resistance bands, massage balls or tennis balls. 

*Can't make it to practice LIVE? Not to worry, this class is recorded and will be shared the following day to those Giving Tree Patrons and anyone who registered for the class on Zoom.

Members & ​Drop-In's Welcome Suggested Donation $15-$20
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My Blend of the Month is Let It Flow. My intention for this aromatic blend is to assist the body in moving the lymph to keep the things flowing and moving as we move out of the heaviness of early Spring. It can be challenging to get moving after we have been hibernating- physically, mentally and emotionally. This bright, fresh, uplifting blend is the perfect remedy for the season.
Available as: Roll On $20

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​Customization available.