"Denie's experience of restorative yoga practice with her integration of meditation is phenomenal!  She understands and realizes the journey toward relaxation.  Denie applies gentle yoga poses that help open organs and relax the mind while gently moving me into a state of meditation.  I also enjoy her use of essential oils during our session together." 

Julie, Orange County, Ca.

I absolutely love the oils Denie created for me. She really seemed to listen to what my needs were and she customized a couple of oils that were perfectly targeted to the areas I need most addressed. As a busy small business owner with a job that requires a lot of driving, travel, and time on my feet, Denie understood my need to incorporate oils into my lifestyle that would calm and center me -in both my work and personal life. Not only were they beautifully packaged and smell amazing, but they really have become a part of my daily ritual. I will absolutely be ordering more form her in the future, and am looking forward to her coming to my area for a retreat or workshop!
Christi Reynolds Franklin
Owner/Artist at Christi Reynolds Beauty

Denie gave me a sample of her Goddess and Intuition blend. It smells amazing. I believe its lavender and lemongrass. I was going through a rough transition in my life and it helped clear my head and meditate. After using the oil for aromatherapy I feel so refreshed and totally relaxed that I sometimes forget what I was so worried about!
Rebecca, Irvine
Reiki Master and Coming Soon on Etsy Divination Station


Denie has a warmth and authenticity about her that is endearing and personable. Her curiosity and knowledge of the needs of our subtle, energetic body is evident in her work. During a essential oil session with Denie, she explained the natural healing properties and uses of each essential oil I was interested in and then, along with some of her recommendations, I decided on a blend of essential oils and she made me a spray that I just love! I have also had an iRest session with Denie which I found unique, meditative and calming. Denie is soothing in her manner and attentive and concerned with the needs and experience of her client. She is wonderful!
Jacqueline Weeks
Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master


"Time has flown by since first meeting Denie at SMHAS in Irvine. Who knows why the Universe put us together, but with our spiritual growth it is becoming more clear. A vibrant, loving and positive soul is how I describe this remarkable young woman. She is one of my teachers in this lifetime. One day, while rubbing my ankle to relieve the pain from a supposed bone spur, Denie asked if she could make me a mixture of oils to help with the pain release. I quickly agreed as she knows her 'stuff' when it comes to the beloved oils. After delivering it to me, I used it daily for a few weeks and the pain began to subside. Now, I use it once in a while and have never had a problem with that pain again. I feel with the natural oils and positive attitude that comes from being reassured by her that it will help has changed my thinking. I now believe in her work as much as she does. Looking forward to many more years together on this planet! "
Frances Pullin, CA
published author of "It Is I...Amadeus"


"I purchased a custom-made aromatherapy blend for personal use from Denie at Giving Tree Essentials in 11/2013. I was looking for someone with a real education in aromatherapy, who wouldn’t just provide cookie-cutter mail order quality oils. Denie’s attention to detail and thorough review of my history and needs paired with her genuine compassion and knowledge were fantastic. I was very happy with my custom blended oil and felt positive results from daily use of her blends and meditation suggestions. I recently contacted her to purchase a custom-blended aromatherapy kit to use with my therapeutic work with children and adolescents. Denie was able to provide me with an amazing tailor-made kit that has complemented my work in clinical practice. I have purchased aromatherapy oils and blends from previous companies, but none have matched the quality and individualized attention as those from Giving Tree Essentials. Denie’s passion for providing the highest-quality products and services and dedication to helping others is inspiring. I would highly recommend Giving Tree Essentials both personally and professionally. "
Molly Roha-Fuentes, M.S., LMFT


"One evening I was talking with Denie about not being able to sleep due to the throbbing pain in my shoulder. She smiled sweetly and the next time I saw her she had made up a magic potion that not only soothed the aching shoulder but enhanced my level of sleep. Thank you Denie for making my life better through your Healing Essential oils."
CJ, Anaheim Hills, CA


Created his own True Nature blend:
Denie is wonderful to work with and she offers a high quality product at a reasonable price. I look forward in working with her in the future.
- Sam, California

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Something I cherish most is my experiences. I have journeyed through many wholistic and often "alternative" or as I like to say complementary treatments. I'll be posting to my blog in the New Year short articles on various healing arts and modalities.

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